Introducing the Netbox network infrastructure management tool

by Daniel Pham
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Today I will introduce the Netbox network infrastructure management tool. For those who work on networks or systems, system management is a problem. How to manage the system effectively? How can we cover all components in the system? Or how to retrieve information easily?

The most “popular” way that people often use is the excel file. Yes, it’s this office tool. What you will do? Make an excel table of all information about the system and save it there, set a file password.

But that’s not always the best way, especially in a team of many people. Or when you need more flexible tools to manage and retrieve information.

What is Netbox?

Incidentally, I am also such a person. I am also looking for a tool that allows me to manage network and server infrastructure more easily.

And I found Netbox, what is it?

Introducing the Netbox network infrastructure management tool
Introducing network infrastructure management tools.

Netbox is an open source (free) solution developed by DigitalOcean. Surely you are familiar with the name of this famous VPS service provider.

Netbox was developed to serve network infrastructure engineers. It helps you manage most of the necessary information such as: IP addresses, VLANs, servers, connection ports, virtual machines…

You can read information about Netbox here.

Should we use Netbox?

In fact, I am also in the process of trying to use Netbox, so in terms of experience, I cannot share much with you.

However, should we use Netbox? Well, this issue depends on you.

If you feel satisfied and “secure” with your excel file, you probably won’t need it.

But if you find excel files a bit “inconvenient”, you should try Netbox.


This article is just a brief introduction to the Netbox solution. In the next articles, I will guide you step by step to install Netbox. And the ultimate goal is that you can use it to manage your system.

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