How to set up WAN for Draytek 2960

by Daniel Pham
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Set up WAN for Draytek 2960. After you have successfully logged into the Draytek device, we will start the first task that is to set the WAN for the device.

Draytek 2960 has 2 default WANs

You know, depending on the product version. For me, Draytek 2960 has 2 default WAN ports and it is named wan1 and wan2.

Now, go to menu WAN -> General Setup, you’ll see there are 2 default profiles, wan1 and wan2. And if you see, there will be no profile Add button here but only the Edit button.

How to set up WAN for Draytek 2960
Draytek 2960 has 2 default WAN ports.

This means that the device does not allow you to create new wan profiles, you can only change new information.

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Set up WAN for Draytek 2960

Now I will guide you to set up wan1, you can do the same with wan2.

You select the wan1 profile and press the Edit button. Then, in the Global tab, fill in the information as image below.

How to set up WAN for Draytek 2960
Declare Global information for wan1.

Next, you switch to PPPoE tab and fill in the information as below. Typically, offices will use FTTH, if you use a different type of network (for example, leased line network), the setup might be a bit different.

How to set up WAN for Draytek 2960
Declare wan1 account information from ISP provider.

In it, there are 3 information that you will have to ask the service provider.

  • Username
  • Password

After completing all the information, click Apply to save the configuration.

Usually this information will be included in the contract that the provider sends you. You need to save this information for use in case of device configuration.

Or you can call the provider and ask them for information support.


So I showed you the steps to configure the WAN for the Draytek 2960 device. If you configured it correctly, you will see the wan1 icon light up. If the light is not on, please check it again.

(This is an article from my old blog that has been inactive for a long time, I don’t want to throw it away so I will keep it and hope it helps someone).

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