Best free theme for personal portfolio website

by Daniel Pham
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Best free theme for personal portfolio website.

In the way of searching for a theme for my personal information website. I have found a free theme that probably followed me the best.


  • Theme name: Portfolio Web
  • Production company: Acme Themes
  • Purpose: Portfolio Web is a simple, modern and catchy WordPress theme build particularly for developing a portfolio website
  • Cost: free
Photo of the Web Portfolio theme. Source: ACME Themes
Photo of the Web Portfolio theme. Source: ACME Themes

Demo | Download

I will evaluate this theme through a number of criteria and through my own user experience.

Production company

ACME Themes can be said to be a reputable brand in providing themes for Wordpress. They provide quite quality themes including free and commercial versions.

With the free version, the theme features are also great enough for users.

One more thing, choosing a theme from a reputable company will have better code quality.

The purpose of using the theme

When we need to make a portfolio site, perhaps what people care about is that the theme must fully display the information about the website owner.

About the project that website owners have joined and the services they provide. All that, this theme fully meets the requirements.

Theme features

Theme Portfolio Web provides a lot of useful features for you.

  1. Build for Portfolio Sites
  2. Custom Widgets
  3. Page Builder Compatible
  4. Unlimited Slider
  5. Layout Controls
  6. Browser Compatibility
  7. Responsive

You can view full information about the theme’s features here.

The beauty of the theme

I think you will totally agree with me that the theme gives us a very nice website.

You can view the demo of the theme here. You will feel for yourself and find that it fully meets the requirements of a portfolio site.


For a free theme, this can be a perfect solution for you. Please install and try out the features that ACME has provided for you.

(This is an article from my old blog that has been inactive for a long time, I don’t want to throw it away so I will keep it and hope it helps someone).

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